Shaleen Sinha, Bangalore

It’s not often that one comes across a person who has a profound effect on your life- literally changing the course of it. Chaina is one such person for me- Guru-di, healer, friend. Met her 7 years ago when life was in doldrums- and was truly confused about a host of personal and professional issues. The impact was on general well being and health. Initially met her and while was truly touched with compassion - had a healthy skepticism whether this will work. But over years- have seen her impact- subtly helping navigate big changes in life, helping you evolve step by step. All through this - beyond her guidance and challenge to evolve- what shines is what came across the first time - her compassion and patience. It’s been such a privilege and an absolute blessing to know her and have her around. Just have gratitude for it. 

Shilpa Abhishek

We got introduced to Chaina when she was healing someone from my extended family. Forget taking healing sessions, I had no intention of even meeting her since I had read a lot of spiritual books and practiced different meditation modalities over 15 years; and was sceptical about what incremental benefits her sessions could offer me. But when she mentioned to my husband that she would like to meet me, I took it as a sign. And boy was I wrong! My life has had a quantum leap after doing the month long Transformation program with her.

She listened to me with tremendous compassion, helped identify my core wounds and patterns with compassionate candour and provided highly advanced energy healing to help me address those issues. I am a lot more peaceful, confident, prosperous and my relationships with my family have significantly improved since taking her sessions 3 years ago. More importantly, once you have connected with Chaina, she becomes your guiding light for life. Even now, I speak to her on a weekly basis and she guides me with advice on meditation modalities and handling newer patterns that emerge, as I grow in my spiritual journey.

I tell her that everytime, I am passing by her building, I feel like this is my mother’s house and I can come here for love and support everytime there’s a problem. Thank you Chaina for everything that you do for us. May you touch the lives of many, many more people in days to come.

Priyanka Ahuja

My connection with Navkruti started much before it was even formed. They say that healers and guides appear in your life when you have a very strong calling internally and are desperately seeking the universe. Happens mostly when you are feeling stuck in some sphere of life. Very true indeed! I was in a phase where I had lost my dad to a traumatic battle with Cancer. He was the lifeline of our family, and left me and my mom absolutely lost and clueless in life. Both me and her kept battling our grief, anger, loss of faith, emptiness, emotional breakdown and so much more for years. We had to deal with our own emotions and yet kept trying to be strong for the other to not breakdown. We passed our days trying to feel less of the void that had come in our lives, we were smiling but not happy, we were laughing but shattered internally, we were trying to be with people for company but lonely inside. Less did we know that in this fight to "be strong", we were damaging so much of ourselves. Within few years, this "being strong" came as a big fall on us. We were trying to escape our loneliness and fill the emotional gap with various external things e.g. For me, it was getting into a highly consuming job/rushing into relationships/finding an activity to occupy myself always. I also became distanced from my mom for a while, from my own self and emotions too. Life seemed purposeless and yet it was a struggle to deal with a life that lacked any meaning. There was a huge empty space created within me that I could feel in the form of suffocation and anxiety. It was killing me internally. My mother had an extremely bad breakdown, she left her job, came to me and was in extreme depression. This is where somehow Chaina (maasi) appeared. She started with healing my mom. And on the way, started coaching me, listening to me, unfolding my own inner emotions layer by layer. Initially I was very resistant to whatever she told me, I was refusing to believe in her and what she was telling me about myself. I was so occupied in the day to day external things that I was unable to understand what she was trying to tell me about my deeper inner self. My lack of faith did not affect her, she was extremely patient and re-enforced the need for me to declutter my mind and look within. Very gradually, I realized how I was ruining my own beautiful life. She made me understand the entire science behind life, how we carry patterns from childhood, what and how our relationships work/fail, profession, ego, anger, attachment, detachment...she told me every single thing with a lot of patience and without pushing her thoughts on me. The only one thing she pushed me for persistently is to meditate every single day and she was sure things will start making sense to me. It was not a preaching, like many other spiritual institutions. She made me reflect on every concept in my own life and understand the true essence of life myself. There have been times where I questioned, doubted, shouted...she took all of it with calm, for she knew it is my journey and was part of my own healing. My mothers magical transformation from a person in deep depression to an extremely vibrant and positive person today built my faith in spiritual path even more. I learnt a bit of meditation from Chaina (maasi), and went around different spiritual institutions to experience what they teach. At this time, I was sure of the power of spirituality but like many other fools, I wanted to find "the best one" that showed "instant results"...only to later realize that it is purely about you and yourself; it is not a quick fix medicine but a much tougher and intense journey to truly connect with your own soul.

Roopak Mhalas, GM, Canada

Write your Issues before the Coaching/Healing Sessions with Chaina Karmakar?
1. Irregular sleep or sometimes restless sleep. Sleep was not continuous for 6-7 hours, but in breaks and something seemed to be bothering me.
2. In my daily life and work I also had anxiety, worry, fear of future, guilt for past mistakes, not keeping people close to me happy.    

How was your experience during the course of your sessions with Chaina Karmakar?
1. The sessions gave me answers to many questions that troubled me.  
2. I understood the basic science behind diseases, troubles and how to avoid/reduce their chances of occurring. How to overcome any physical pain.
How to reverse the painful memories. Also I learnt to live in the present and not to hold back the past or worry too much about the future.

How are you feeling after the sessions?    
1. My sleep pattern has improved. It is sound and comparatively more relaxed.  
2. My anxiety, worry, and fear of the future are lesser.  
3. I have removed the guilt in me that used to bother me earlier, and I am happier.  

Ridiesha Roy, Manager Procurement, Canada

Write your Issues before the Coaching/Healing Sessions with Chaina Karmakar?
1. Short tempered
2. Anxiety and fear  
3. Insecurity  

How was your experience during the course of your sessions with Chaina Karmakar?
I had increased awareness of self. I felt I would learn something that will help me understand myself deeper and build a comfort relationship with myself

How are you feeling after the sessions?    
1. A strong sense of confidence and acceptance of who I am , what I am capable of.  
2. Learnt how to forgive and hold no regrets, guilt  
3. Motivate and find happiness from within rather than relying on outside world  
4. My fear and anger have reduce

Madhur Verma, Bangalore

Write your Issues before the Coaching/Healing Sessions with Chaina Karmakar?
1. Sleep Disorder
2. Low concentration level
3. Had problem to say no to others

How was your experience during the course of your sessions with Chaina Karmakar?
1. I could feel the energy within me and was witnessing the changes in me everyday.
2. The most prominent problem of my sleep disorder was addressed during the session only, as I used to go into deep sleep before the session completion.

How are you feeling after the sessions?    
1. My thought process has completely changed. Now I don’t think about those situations which are beyond my control.  
2. I’ve experienced sleep even for a couple of minutes as no disturbing thoughts occupy my mind.
3. Am now being upfront, doing what I like, and refusing to do what bothers me and immediately walk away from the situations which threaten peace of mind. 

Jyothi Mulay, Vice President, Gurgaon

About 2.5 years back I met Chaina - bubbly and happy exuding enthusiasm and extremely compassionate. Just being around her is healing half done ......

On a serious note - she is a tremendous coach and a powerful healer. I could describe myself at that point as a very angry, unhappy, stressed out person. Going through the journey of at first bringing myself to be aware of my thoughts, beliefs and patterns which till then were a given. I also had thoughts which ran in a continuous loop, it was worrisome and exhausting. This left me drained most of the time.

Chaina guided me with her brilliant coaching and healing into a state of self-awareness, acceptance of self has led to healing me of deep-rooted fears and anger. A surprise element was that I suddenly found myself sketching - my hands just seemed to know how to and could see in the mind's eye the picture of what I was trying to sketch - this was a surprising and shocking revelation for somebody who had absolutely no creativity.

As soon as I started feeling better. I saw a tremendous change in my child - he too became less fearful and open. Our relationship which was always good got even better. I have now started yoga which is also a step towards self-love. Chaina Karmakar has been with me right through this journey and will continue to!!

Dr Sheela Chhabra, Practicing Gynaecologist, Indore

Guidance & counselling by Chaina Karmakar has helped me a lot in every aspect of my life. My life totally changed after I got pregnant, having a pregnancy full of complications, I was trapped into negativity. After childbirth also I was not able to cope up with the stress. Chaina continually is always there to help me to sail through the situations.

Parenting became easy, my bonding with my kid became better & better. My relationships are deep and harmonious. The Best thing is that now I can easily judge where I went wrong & what I need to do to correct that. Negativity is leaving me and new vibrant energy is taking place. I find myself quite equipped to tackle stressful situations, with no panic attacks.

Professionally also I have grown more & learnt.

All thanks to Chaina for helping & guiding, she has shown me a new light & path

Shalini Shrivastav, Bangalore Ex HR Director

Transformation of me is the process and I have been going through and the journey is still on...Thanks to Chaina whom I met almost 2 years back. I had met her when I was going through a rough patch in terms of self-esteem, relationship issues and health issues with very low will to live.    

Chaina Karmakar helped me to connect to my inner self, and heal many old traumas.  

Chaina’s coaching and counselling helped me to get clarity and understanding of my belief system and how they are impacting my life currently and she helped to heal them. Meeting Chaina has been a life changing event for me. I am so much in peace and have clarity about things, I can't thank her enough.    God bless...

Reena Roy, Artist, Bombay

Being very outgoing I have never ever imagined I would love the corner of my room to be with myself. Most of the time I used to be on my toes.    

Anger, restlessness, irritation were my weapons to use. Suppression took over me and gifted me with hypothyroidism. After 17 years of togetherness finally it left me. I can feel the freedom within the four walls of my home.    

Started celebrating my solitude. All relationships took a shape of effortlessness. A sense of calmness grips in. Can experience peace of mind.    

All these happened because of the constant guidance and coaching of Chaina Karmakar. Being a coach she is always there to show me where I am going wrong.    

My all best wishes to Chaina Karmakar.

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